South Eastern Mouse Club
 Affiliated to The National Mouse Club  
The South Eastern Mouse Club was formed in 2011 to promote the breeding & exhibiting of fancy mice in the south east, and to promote the aims and objectives of the National Mouse Club,  this inexpensive hobby is enjoyed by people of all ages and from all walks of life . Affiliated to the National Mouse Club the SEMC hold a minimum of three shows a year at our venue in Worcestershire,  as well working with other small livestock organisations and like minded people.

We encourage members of the public to come along and visit us at our shows , there is no entry fee and all we ask is that you arrive with a smile on your face and leave with an even bigger one . Should you find that you become interested in this hobby of ours, members will be on hand to answer questions and offer help and guidance . The exhibition or show mouse is far removed from the pet you may remember as a child with over 100 years of selective breeding invested in it , they are calm and tractable and it is not uncommon to see an owner take his / her mouse from the show cage once Judging is completed , giving the visitor an up close and personal introduction to the world of mouse showing.

Please note that we are unable to assist with the rehoming of unwanted pet mice
Gary Bayldon Best In Show 
      SEMC Inaugural Show April 2012